We are your premier San Diego Airport Limo Service. We understand your need for reliable transportation with professional chauffeurs you can trust. Ridesharing just doesn’t give you that peace of mind. Private Car Service with us will.  We specialize in all aspects of luxury and executive transportation. Striving to deliver the highest quality of service to all our customers. Our trained chauffeurs and highly maintained vehicles are guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

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Fleet Options For All Occasions

Whether you live in San Diego or vacationing in the area? Give yourself peace of mind and use chauffeured limo service to get around safely. Clean car service is helpful for anyone who is traveling in the modern-day. Let us take the stress out of travel and handle your Airport Transportation. A limo rental company can provide service Events & Concerts, Winery & Brewery Tours, Wedding Limo Service, or just a Night OutParking in San Diego is not easy. Why hail a Taxi or use Rideshare when you can ride in a limo?  Let us do the driving so you can enjoy that glass of wine.

Rates & Reservations

Ordering a chauffeured limo is a good way to get around San Diego, and it is a safe way for all the people who come into the area to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic. The limos are cleaned before guests get into them, and all the people who are riding must have space to sit. The chauffeured limos will arrive on-time at the airport, hotel, or any other venue. These limos can be used for concerts, parties, weddings, and helping executives get to their meetings. 

Leading Airport Limo/Car Service in San Diego


The company will make a good impression when a client or executive is picked up, and it is wise to order these limos in advance so that everyone’s schedule can be satisfied.

Why Are San Diego Limos Necessary?

San Diego limos are needed when companies want to pick up guests or clients. A wedding limo can be ordered to move the party around town, and an airport limo can be used when the family lands in town. Concert limos make the concert a better experience for everyone, and a limo service for business makes the company look that much better. 


The driver will use the same precautions that are recommended for any other trip, and the group can fit into a stretched limo without being too close together.

How Can A Clean Wedding Limo Service Make Life Better On The Big Day?

The wedding limo should be a luxury limo service that makes it easy to get to the ceremony, reception, and airport for the honeymoon. 

This limo can be used as a party limo, and it could be used for concerts when a large group is attending an event.


The driver will use the same precautions that are recommended for any other trip, and the group can fit into a stretched limo without being too close together.

Why Are Concert And Event Limos Good For Large Groups?

The limo rental company can provide a large group with a car that can take them to and from concerts or events. Concert limos are a safe way to drink and party all night. Plus, the group in the limo does not need to use public transportation to get home. The luxury limo service will be there for all the people who need to get home, and it can arrive moments after an event concludes. This is safer and more convenient for everyone.

Our Services

The best limos San Diego residents and visitors can use are sent to their location at the exact time they are needed, but these limos are thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Because of this, the limos are safe to enter, use, and enjoy.

Our fleet

Luxury Sedan

Comfortable for 2-3 adult passengers. Perfect for business travel, point to point trips or custom itineraries.

  • Luggage: 2 large 1 small
  • Chauffeured Driver
  • Leather interior
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary WiFi upon requested

Luxury SUV

Full Size Luxury SUV. Spacious three row seating for up to 7 passengers and plenty of cargo space behind the 3rd row. Our SUV’s bring you to the next level of luxury and comfort.

  • 7 seat vehicle – up to 7 passengers. Not including the driver.
  • Luggage: Fits up to 5 -7 luggage depending on size
  • Chauffeured Driver
  • Leather interior
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary WiFi upon request

Corporate Shuttle/Limousines

Luxury Shuttle/Limousine seats up to 14, 27, 39 and 54 passengers. Excellent for group travel, wine tours or corporate business travel, weddings, golf/sporting events, and concerts.

  • Chauffeured Driver
  • Leather interior
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary WiFi upon request

What are the benefits of ordering an Airport Limo?

The airport transfer limos that people order are designed to help people get picked up, go to where they need to be, and travel around the city as much as they like. The airport limo is driven by someone who stays with the car throughout the trip, and they can help the group or individual with any issues that they have around the city. The airport limo is also wonderful because it helps people when they are afraid of driving in a place where they do not know the roads. This can be extremely important for people who are traveling internationally. No one wants to rent a car in a foreign country just because they need to get around. Renting the limo makes it possible for these people to travel in style.

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How Can An Airport Limousine Get Everyone Home?

The limo service for business or leisure travel is the perfect way for everyone to get home. The limo can pick everyone up at a specific time, and the driver can get everyone to the airport so that they can go through security checks. This is a safe and simple way to get back to the airport on-time, and it prevents the group from taking public transportation.

This is a good way to ensure that the group can remain on schedule, and it is also a good way for the group to get extra service if needed. For example, the driver can come to a new location to pick up the group, and the group must remain in communication with the driver so that any changes in the schedule can be noted.

Can Visitors Order Limos For Wine Tours?

Limos for wine tours are a lot of fun because riding through the wine country is more exciting in a comfortable car. The group does not need to ride a public ferry or trolley that comes through the area, and the group can keep all their personal items in the car. The limo is a safe place that the driver will stay with throughout the day, and the driver will also help the group with errands. These drivers also clean the car in between trips to make sure that the limo is clean as the group gets in and out at different locations.

The best limos San Diego offers allow guests to ride safely to any location that they want. Remaining distant from others is important for safety, and it is wise for the group to bring extra supplies in the car. Plus, anything that has been purchased in the wine country can be kept in the car during each stop.

wine glasses

“Craig is the best driver I have ever known or used. He is always reliable, punctual, safe, friendly, respectful and dependable. His rates are reasonable.”

Thank you sooooooooooo much we love the service and everything. You guys did a wonderful job. Our son had the best time. I will call again for service.

I could not be happier with CNL’s service. I use them to book transportation for corporate visitors; and I will continue to give them business as long as I have business to give them!

They go above and beyond, making our visitors feel welcome, comfortable and excited to have arrived in San Diego.

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